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Supplements to boost brain power and help you chill

ALTA makes supplements for go-getters.

Let’s be real, the demands of work and life are not going to change anytime soon.

We offer supplements geared towards addressing two huge needs of the modern work force:

1) Improving mental stamina and focus

2) Restoring the mind and body so you can crush it again tomorrow

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@rrhoover excellent question. I would have to agree with you to some extent. There are products out there that over promise and under deliver. But I don't think that is exclusive to the vitamin/supplement industry though. Ultimately, results/benefits are subjective. Just because something works for one person does not mean that it will work for you or I. Take a diet or workout routine for example. There is an endless amount of both online. Some of which work for some but not others, and vice versa. It really comes down to the individual trying different things until they find something that works for them. That was my approach with my diet, workout regimen, journaling, goal setting, etc. Growth is a process, and finding the right supplements for you is no different. That is part of the reason we offer a risk free trial. If something is not happy with their product we will gladly refund them. There is a ton of science surrounding the ingredients that we include in our formulas. I am in the process of compiling several scientific case studies and will share a link in our thread once I have everything laid out for you and my fellow hunters.
I'm curious about this space but see a lot of snake oil around the promised benefits. Can you share more around the science or case studies, @mstrvrs / @maggieha?
Great job!! Could you brief me through about this project ? 😊
Hi, I'm a College Student in the UK. Mental Health problem in our country is not unusual, considering the weather is always dull and people are lack of Vitamin D. I had my own Mental Health problem which is Depression that leads to anxiety. I had to go to a professional but she recommended me narcotic drugs already just to make me calm and I don't want that cause I know it just makes me dependent on the drug. My mother's friend has a son who has depression and is now close to healing, she mentioned that his son is taking Mental Health supplements instead. I looked into the link where they got their supplement which is and I am impressed because I saw the products that is not only curated for treating depression or anxiety. I saw products that will also improve your mood, gives you more energy and makes you more productive. I am thinking on trying the products. What do you think?