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Hi folks! Simon Bond here - the developer of Geoff and I have been putting this together these past few months and you're the first people to see it. We'd love your feedback! It aims to replace complicated web-based project management tools with something that automatically organises chaotic email conversations into stages and tasks, with the hope of reducing inbox clutter from noisy web service notifications. The goal is to just have teams email one another directly and naturally from any old mail client while it does its thing quietly in the background. People don't have to login to participate on a project and it never creates additional mail unless they ask it to. We're eating our own dog food at the moment and think it works reasonably well, but we could use your feedback. To that end, until August 1st, we're giving all product hunt members a free account as a thank you for being our Guinea Pigs. If you make an account, try it for a week and find it useful and decide to keep on using it, simply email us your product hunt handle and account name and we'll hook you up. If not, you'll eventually just get a trial expiring notice and the account will cancel it self away and it won't ever bug you again. Thanks to everybody checking it out!
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Seems interesting, but would be great to see an example, a case of use or something, without having to try it
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@mrdobelina - fully agree, any case of use, real example will be helpful, and for you guys I think will give more sign ups and more revenue in the near future. ;)
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@mrdobelina @pdziedzicz - Thanks for the tip! Any example product site off the top of your head that has executed this particularly well in the past? Thanks again.
@simoncbond doesn't come anything particular, but maybe some video explainer?
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@pdziedzicz Yep - gotcha. Will do. Rock on.
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I don't think you mean 'passively organizes everyone's discussions', I think you mean 'organizes everyone's discussions in the background'. It is *actively* working, after all.
@stoweboyd Thanks for confirming our terminology isn't quite right yet. By "passively" we intend to convey that a coordinator can let their team email normally amongst themselves as opposed to actively setting up a project and then having each person go in and check up on things or be sent notifications etc. It's also passive in the sense that it runs along side your existing email infrastructure, rather than trying to replace anything or change user habits.
@simoncbond I know what you meant, but it's inaccurate.
Please increase the padding on the class ".setup .domain input" to 90px. Seeing the test kiss the green https:// background is making me really uncomfortable. Looks like a great product. Upvoted.
@shakeyji Good call! Done. Thanks!