Visually track progress toward a goal.

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I built this app to help users trying to achieve a goal document their progress toward it; using images and data. I realise how personal some of this data can be, especially for things like weight loss; so the app can be secured via touch ID. You can also import older images into the app without an issue. Users can export comparison images to - to compare progress between two points in time. Chart their progress over time. Export images. And track multiple goals in many different measures. There is much more to the app, it would be awesome if you could check it out and let me know your thoughts. :)
Could you add other measurements such as "score" or "number" (which would have no unit)?
@_yannbertrand Yep I could, in what sort of context would they be applied for example please?
@philhudson91 Numbers of reps for some sport exercices for example
@_yannbertrand Yep nice! Or how would an "other" option be, where you can define the units by yourself?
@philhudson91 That would be nice yay :)
@_yannbertrand awesome I'll add it to my dev board :)
You should make the Status Bars white :) Would look a lot cleaner.
@rorallo Totally agree. This is going out in the next release :)
@rorallo This has been released :) As well as other UI improvements! Thank you.
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