With so many third-party tools that can be used to improve the performance of your web page, it can be hard to keep track of all of them.

This app curates a list of them!

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Hi PH 👋🏾 I built this app to help keep track of the many types of tools that can be used to improve the speed, performance and reliability of web pages. Current types of tools curated include: • Accessibility • Performance auditing • Bundle analysis • Bundle budgeting • Lazy loading • Image optimization • Service worker • Flash of unstyled/invisible text • Server-side rendering/pre-rendering For those interested, the app was built with Preact and Emotion, and is hosted on Firebase!
Awesome list you have there, @hdjirdeh! Maybe you could include our tool that is sending you Google PageSpeed reports directly to your inbox, every week. https://pagespeedreports.proteus... It's totally free, and always will be. Bookmarked!
@jakasmid Cheers, glad you find it useful :) And added! https://github.com/GoogleChromeL...
@hdjirdeh Woow, that was express! Thanks again :)
Some great tools in there. I've always worried about accessibility when writing React and it's nice to see a tool just for that in the list :)
@adham_benhawy Yep, it’s something I’ve thought about before when starting a new React app. Always great to see framework specific tooling! :)

Will be bookmarking and using this as I ship future products!


Clean UI


Could potentially consist of more tools but that should come over time.