Losing weight is hard because it is hard to see immediate results. Progress pics helps by nudging you to take a picture once a week and then creating a cool visualization of your transformation.
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For a second I thought this will give me an AI generated image of what my body can look like if i lost some weight, something like FaceApp but for weight loss
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@elmasryahmed Same here. That would have been really cool.
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will there be an ios app for this?
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@saxon_brooker Yes, I am currently working on it.
@gmitrev if you ever want a testflight beta tester i can do it.
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Progress pics are incredibly underrated when it comes to maintaining motivation. I have done this in the past in Photoshop with a new layer for each week's progress photo. Let's just say the file was getting huge and it was no where near as easy to size each week to the previous. This is a fantastic idea and I'm excited to see what you add to it.
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This should be an app.
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@yigitpinarbasi Agreed - I'm working on an iOS version.
@gmitrev Let me know when u finished mate.
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Hey everyone. This is a project I have been dog-feeding to myself for quite a while and I think it can be useful to a lot of people who want to have a visual record of their body transformations. I'd love to get your feedback and suggestions for improving it further! Shout-out to @chrismessina for hunting it. Georgi