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In college I spent 6 months gaining and cutting weight. I lifted daily, ate every 3 hours taking in an excess of ~400 calories/day, and after gaining ~20 lbs of muscle and fat, I cut the excess weight. I wish I would have taken photos of my transformation with something like this.
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This can also be really cool for transgender people taking hormone replacement therapy!
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@maxwellhallel or Before and Afters (surgery & injectables) Age progression... etc. The positioning could be better to be LESS "straight-white-male" centric. Women, babies/ kids, and those going through a major transition should be the target focus. Possible enterprise angle with weight loss and health insurance companies... Interesting to see an API integration as well..
@nadia_yun so, having a single noinfoifstraight-white-male on their website makes this service straight-white-male centric?
@gopietz not at all. What are you asking?
@nadia_yun i thought you were implying that their current representation was straight-white-make centric, but maybe i misunderstood your statement.
@gopietz Ah! Well on first glance under Media - do you feel like the product is inclusive? Now imagine the same screenshots with a pregnant women ONLY. It skews perception of the product & weakens the actual product positioning / capabilities. The maker isn't here to answer this - but I will assume that they are looking to increase their user base? With that said there are many apps dedicated to men and fitness before and after so how can you differentiate? These selfie before & after apps if actually made to target women (because there are not many) would KILL IT. ESP with integrating #AR.
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Man I'd love to use an app like this. Only iOS :(
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I used Progress for some time, and it's a great idea, but after a while I paid out ~$5 to upgrade to Everyday "unlimited": https://www.producthunt.com/post... the advantage of Everyday is that you can track different parts of your body (e.g. track the transformation of your bicep vs your main body etc)
Am i the only one a little depressed that the dood in the gif is going from ripped to ripped'er
@wuss agreed. šŸ¤£
@wuss it was also probably taken within a few hours of each other: