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Irfaq Syed ⚡️
Irfaq Syed ⚡️Hunter@irazasyed · Founder & CEO, Lukonet
Programming Podcasts is a directory of the best podcasts about software development and topics like devops, design, startups and more.
Joe Lennon
Joe LennonMaker@joelennon · Co-founder & CTO @ Workvivo
@irazasyed Thanks for hunting Syed! I started listening to podcasts about six months ago, and now listen to them daily on my commute and in the gym. At first I was listening to a few different shows, but found I was quickly running out of episodes to listen to. When I searched for new podcasts to listen to, it was far too difficult to find new shows that were relevant to me. iTunes categories are far too wide-ranging, and most of the top search results were static lists of links to individual podcast websites, which made it tedious to find new ones that I actually liked. So I built Programming Podcasts, a directory of over 200 podcasts related to software development, design, devops and startups. New episodes are pulled in automatically, and you can view all of the detail of a podcast and episode right there on the site. When you find one that appeals to you, it's easy to listen to episodes, subscribe to the RSS feed and open the podcast in iTunes, all from one place. In the next day or two, I'll be deploying an update that features a site-wide audio player that allows you to keep listening to an episode as you browse the site. It will remember what you were listening to and at where in the episode you left off, so you can jump back in at any time. In the coming weeks, I'll launch user accounts where you can choose what categories or topics you are interested in to make the directory more specific to your own requirements. You'll be able to upvote podcasts and episodes, create your own collections with custom RSS feeds and interact with the community of fellow podcast fans. If anyone has any feedback, suggestions or questions, I'd be delighted to hear them.