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Author here, I'd be happy to answer questions about this topic, about the mobile industry, about making a book, or anything that you'd like!
@jondot Nice! Does React Native work fine with the iOS new features released every year? One example is force touch, and so on?
@bntzio Great question. So far I think there hasn't been enough such features that React Native hasn't supported after a new iOS version (I think there has only been one major bump since RN is out). Force touch didn't work out of the box, but it took around 2-3 weeks to get supported I think. On the flip side, and this is true to all frameworks such as React Native - when a new iOS is released you don't have to go and refactor your code due to language changes, IDE changes, or Cocoa API changes because you're not dealing with that API directly. That's an amazing (and surprising) thing to have on your side. Traditionally, before every major iOS release our company went into "Red Alert Mode", but with React Native - you just sail through, since your codebase is mostly Javascript. So to sum up - you don't have 0-day support for completely new iOS features (you can support these yourself if you can, since RN has a very open structure for that), but you do get bubblewrapped and protected from API and language changes that happen between major iOS bumps.
I just started with React and find the whole ecosystem extremely confusing, considering all the different building blocks you can choose from. I will definitely have a good look at this book when I start on React Native. Resources like these are very helpful to me! Thanks!
@jvannistelrooy You're definitely welcome, I'm very happy that this helps!
I will take a deeper look at the book, but I think some of the assumptions made in the introduction are a bit premature. React-Native is new and we will look back in a couple of years and see where it fits in the long line of cross-platform solutions. The developers of the solution have had the ability to learn from the platforms that came before so therein lies an advantage but only time will tell if it will really be the "silver bullet" or any better than those solutions that have come before it.
@Jondot would you like to share the book via our platform also? (Built with react.js) we wish to onboard you prelaunch. We have a simple concept, we share books & docs for free with our users and we earn via contextual ads and we share 60% revenue with the other. In your case can share total 100% :) Hope to get you onboard.
@jondot And yeah we are working on platforms app using react native :)
@evivz Great to hear! sure, I don't see why not. What would we need to do?
@jondot can I know where I send you the details? Or where we can discuss more?
@evivz Feel free to email me at
@jondot Tnx for sharing mate! i have small question regarding the navigation in React Native. They say that implementing the navigation is kinda difficult and that the they are working on "navigation experimental". Whats your experience in using the navigation? Tnx
@navidmirzaie Hi Navid, sure thing!. You have a correct observation. I've been asked exactly that many times, and my answer would be, for right now - try using react-native-router-flux (be sure to note which React Native version it is most compatible with) and keep your head down until Experimental is fully ironed out, I think that may be very soon. If you can't commit to react-native-router-flux, just try doing as little investment in navigation as you can (don't build infrastructure, don't over engineer, and build it so that you can replace it later).
@jondot tnx very much for your reply man. Yes im currently building the app in appcelerator and thats hurting me (besides the burnrate). I will wait and will follow the development of navigation experimental. Again tnx for sharing!