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#5 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2016
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Michal Hernas
Michal Hernas@hernas · Founder of &
You only have 3 posters?
Stefan Wirth
Stefan Wirth@nafetswirth · CTO by day, maker by night.
@hernas those are the three MVPs or minimum viable posters
Rye Skelton
Rye Skelton@ryeskelton · Jodie,
@nafetswirth 😂 dying
Stuart Russell
Stuart Russell@sturusell · Just another Joe.. Doing Stuff..
@nafetswirth @hernas I'd love to see your pitch deck.
- Kim Pham -
- Kim Pham -@kimpham404 · Growth Engineer
@sturusell @nafetswirth @hernas slip deck into dm?
Pietz Prove
Pietz Prove@gopietz · Media Computer Science Student
awesome idea, but the 3 you currently offer don't really rock my socks off.
Steve Jalim
Steve JalimMaker@stevejalim · Developer, starter-upper, sorter-outer
Hi everyone - I've been off the grid today, so just catching up with this. What a nice surprise to find a small side proj on PH's front page ;) @hernas @danielkegel re only three posters? Yeah, I know -- we started with three because a) it's a side project - our daytimes are spent busily making for a client b) this are a physical products, so we have up-front costs. Also, small print runs of posters (eg printing just 5, or even printing one on demand) are unsustainably expensive per item - leaving no or even negative profit at that volume - so we had to pick a few designs to test the water and get 50+ of each printed up as a toe in the water. Holding stock, damage, returns, etc - it's all a new experience for me compared to building SaaS products c) I wanted to be sure that every poster we make is 100% 'legit' in terms of usage of the quote. Even the dealings with the Python Software Foundation (which is v friendly and generally awesome) took a fair amount of back-and-forth to ensure everyone was happy, so batting out dozens of poster designs featuring quotes from various sources (all still in copyright or referencing trademarks) on Day 0 wasn't really gonna happen. So, yeah, MVP out the door - see what the water is like, then add more designs. That's the plan.
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas@martinlucas · Martin Lucas, Print Manager
@stevejalim Printing on demand as and when needed shouldn't be expensive at all, I manage a fine art print studio - let me know if I can help at all.
Steve Jalim
Steve JalimMaker@stevejalim · Developer, starter-upper, sorter-outer
@martinlucas Thanks Martin - would def be good to have a chat. Will email you directly - hopefully this evening
Martin Lucas
Martin Lucas@martinlucas · Martin Lucas, Print Manager
@stevejalim cool, look forward to hearing from you.
Daniel Kegel
Daniel Kegel@danielkegel · Product Director @ Persgroep
The design looks nicely done but you should have at least twenty times as many...
Kevin William David
Kevin William DavidHunterHiring@kevin · Community @AngelList. No 1 Hunter on PH🥇
Programming Posters takes the best maxims, ideas and quotations about creating software and turns them into visuals good enough to decorate the walls of any developer workspace.