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Posters to decorate the walls of any developer's workspace.

#5 Product of the DayOctober 24, 2016
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You only have 3 posters?
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@hernas those are the three MVPs or minimum viable posters
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@nafetswirth @hernas I'd love to see your pitch deck.
awesome idea, but the 3 you currently offer don't really rock my socks off.
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Hi everyone - I've been off the grid today, so just catching up with this. What a nice surprise to find a small side proj on PH's front page ;) @hernas @danielkegel re only three posters? Yeah, I know -- we started with three because a) it's a side project - our daytimes are spent busily making for a client b) this are a physical products, so we have up-front costs. Also, small print runs of posters (eg printing just 5, or even printing one on demand) are unsustainably expensive per item - leaving no or even negative profit at that volume - so we had to pick a few designs to test the water and get 50+ of each printed up as a toe in the water. Holding stock, damage, returns, etc - it's all a new experience for me compared to building SaaS products c) I wanted to be sure that every poster we make is 100% 'legit' in terms of usage of the quote. Even the dealings with the Python Software Foundation (which is v friendly and generally awesome) took a fair amount of back-and-forth to ensure everyone was happy, so batting out dozens of poster designs featuring quotes from various sources (all still in copyright or referencing trademarks) on Day 0 wasn't really gonna happen. So, yeah, MVP out the door - see what the water is like, then add more designs. That's the plan.
@stevejalim Printing on demand as and when needed shouldn't be expensive at all, I manage a fine art print studio - let me know if I can help at all.
@martinlucas Thanks Martin - would def be good to have a chat. Will email you directly - hopefully this evening
@stevejalim cool, look forward to hearing from you.
The design looks nicely done but you should have at least twenty times as many...
Programming Posters takes the best maxims, ideas and quotations about creating software and turns them into visuals good enough to decorate the walls of any developer workspace.