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#5 Product of the DayJanuary 08, 2015
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@jwmares - Softball question: What's the difference between this course vs. "Learn to Code" courses out there? Slightly more difficult question: Without using product, how do you have such great hair? Boss question: What do you think I'll learn from this course personally?
@mattellsworth Great question. It's different than the other "Learn to Code" courses in that we only focus on things marketers need to know - scraping, data analysis with SQL, landing page design and editing, etc. Most learn to code courses are created to show people how to become developers, and teach things like spinning up a database, setting up a rails app, installing gems and pushing to production that marketers just don't need to know. Hair - no product is the secret. For you, I think you'll learn a good bit about SQL, probably pick up on a few cool hacks you can do with non-technical tools (like Zapier) and learn how to automate a bunch of stuff with Google Drive scripts.
@mattellsworth @jwmares Excited to learn everything I can about Zapier hacks. Just started using it to automate processes in my marketing business, and I already see the ROI!
@mattellsworth @jwmares This is awesome! What other products are you tying in?
@mattellsworth @cheapstartup, Spreadsheet booster, Zapier, Buffer, a and bunch of open source tools and libraries
This made me laugh, "I can now program better than 98% of marketers" - most marketers can't program. I only know HTML & CSS and can say the same thing. With that said, I still signed up since the list was a bunch of things I'd like to know.
@shiraabel Haha yep. That's true :)