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Erik Dungan
Erik Dungan@callmeed · Engineer @ Indeed
I'd love a Slack slash command for this ...
TrooMobile@johnhaden · New Product Junkie!
OMG... this is the best ! Here are others: - Did you delete the former binary? - Have you upgraded your phone's OS lately - We've tested this on our phone's and can't replicate the problem - What version are you using? - We're you on wi-fi or 3G? - How did you sign in to the app? - We can't guarantee this will work with all versions of Android - Sorry we forgot to double check that before sending to the client - Sorry we forgot to use spell check - Ooops we didn't include that SDK - Are you sure you're using the right app? - Can you send me a screenshot? - I don't have an ETA - We didn't have time to QA the app
Benjamin Hoffman
Benjamin HoffmanHunter@benhoffman_ · Software Engineer
this is hilarious. ive heard and used many of these many of times.
Stacey MacNaught
Stacey MacNaught@staceycav · Search Director, Tecmark
Labelled as a bit of fun, sure... but I've heard a number of these excuses in "real life," just today! ;)
Kavita Khandhadia
Kavita Khandhadia@kavskhandhadia · Co-Founder
"Sorry we forgot to double check that before sending to the client" -- haha awesome! I really enjoyed this small but powefull app.