Progate App

Learn to code on your mobile

Progate is for everyone who wants to learning programming, from kids to adults.

Don't worry if you have no programming experience!

We offer you a fully equipped coding environment to get you started.

With a total of 7 courses and 22 lessons, we'll help you take your first step.

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  • Ashwin Gerard Colaço
    Ashwin Gerard ColaçoSoftware Engineer

    Simple UI, Interactive Lessons, Lightweight, User Friendly



    The Progate app is simple and easy to use and caters to a wide audience.

    The app makes use of simple cartoon characters to teach both beginner and advanced concepts of various programming languages.

    The content is excellent and can get a budding programmer off their feet and into the massive world that is programming.

    Ashwin Gerard Colaço has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    Very user-friendly, easy to follow/understand and characters are so cute!


    I cannot think of any...

    I've done all the courses in web. But I cannot remember everything. I can do ProgateApp anytime anywhere and helps me keep up with what I learned in the web version.

    Hiroko Kato has used this product for one month.


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Masa Kato
Masa KatoMaker@cmasad · Progate, CEO
Hi, I'm Masa, the founder of Progate. We started Progate in July 2014 with a vision to bring creativity to everyone, everywhere. Learning to code changed our lives, and we hope that we can have an impact on other people's lives too by providing the best environment to learn programming!
V.V.S Laxman
V.V.S Laxman@v_v_s_laxman
I tried to make presentation on the computer programming language on the powerpoint but recently I different kind of error is occurring. I visited many site to find out the solution how to fix error code 0xc004f074 but did not get the proper solution regarding this error. Kindly help me to solve this error.
Ashwin Gerard Colaço
Ashwin Gerard Colaço@ashwin_colaco · Software Engineer
Hey People, I'm Ashwin from NMIT, Bangalore. As a contributor for ProductHunt, I have come across my fair share of products here. Progate is one of those products which is not target specific as you would find with many products here(not that there is a problem with targeting a certain audience), but caters to the public in general. The app is designed beautifully, has a simple UI and is lightweight. The lessons and the coding exercises are presented concisely and crisply, without compromising on the content. The whole ethos of the app is to get your hands wet in the process of learning to code and really drives home the expression "anyone can code".
Joshua Galan
Joshua Galan@muygalan · Just Say No To Mediocrity
I'm a big fan of Prograte and have been using their desktop site for a while now. The illustrations and functionality they offer are simple, yet effective. I'm looking forward to using their mobile app!
Chauhan Mandis
Chauhan Mandis@chauhanmandis · I am Chauhan, working QuickBooks Company
Hey fellas…!! My name is Chauhan Mandis. I am a professional tech blogger and reviewer. QuickBooks Integration Technical Support for issues associated with the QuickBooks Integration, QuickBooks Updates, QB Installation and other QB error codes.