A web service where everyone can learn to code

#3 Product of the DayOctober 26, 2017

Progate is a web service where you can learn programming online.

We offer you a fully equipped coding environment to get you started.

With a total of 9 courses and 36 lessons, we'll help you take your first step.

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One of the first git tutorials I've ever used that did something along the lines "But wait, that's not a very good commit message. What does patch actually do? Let's write a better one" Very simple example but that level of care / attention to detail put a big smile on my face (especially as someone that's been teaching git for a year)

I went through the git module and plan on sharing this with my students for refreshing / getting an intro on some concepts.


Beautiful UI, "real" terminal and text editor environment to work in, starts simple and scaffolds concepts out well. Has good conventions 😍


Ya'll weren't ready for Product Hunt🙃 No issues so far, just the servers getting slammed but I'm sure you're on it. ❤ what I'm seeing so far

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Thank you so much! Yep, we're working on fixing the servers!
Progate started when its founders were inspired to empower others via programming in July 2014. Progate’s vision is to bring creativity to everyone, everywhere by providing the best learning environment in which beginners can learn programming while having fun :)
@cmasad any plan adding PHP & MySQL?
Hello, The site Awesome! Thanks for making beginners learn for free. I had a question do you guys give certificate after completion of course and also the website is terribly slow.
@aayushxn We currently don't have any certificates but are giving it some thought right now! And we're very sorry about the speed of the website. We didn't expect this many users coming from product hunt :p
@cmasad Thanks for your kind reply. Believe me you guys are gonna rock. Please Consider Certificates so that people like me could get work ;p. Thanks Again.
@aayushxn +1 to giving an option to create certificate after completion.

I have learn through many tutorials, free and paid. Progate is better than every free tutorial right now and better than some paid too. I hope you keep building the site.


Best Free sites to learn coding IMHO, easy to learn with slides explaining the detail


No Cons

Thanks so much! Will share this with the team

Go Progate!


I LOVE this service because it's fun, innovative and user-friendly! And yes I need to admit I'm obsessed with the adorable characters, too.


literally none:D

Thank you!!