Profound by Zebra

Unlock valuable health insights hidden in your imaging scans

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I really admire how quickly and efficiently AI is taking over what’s most important - our health. The way I see it Profound hits an important spot in patient care, providing easy access to a “second opinion” online. It’s currently not supporting MRIs scans but still worth to try if you have CT scans available.
One of my favorite companies. I truly believe that this new tool is one of the first milestones in the Machine learning revolution. Keep the hard work guys!
@urieli17 Thanks man!
@eladbenjamin You're welcome :)
One of the most important missions that a startup/company can have! Changing the medical industry one scan at a time 👏👏👏
@aviel_siman_tov Thanks! We love what you guys do too!
Very cool! Products like this will eventually break down the economic and geographic barriers to accessing quality healthcare. With Profound, patients anywhere can immediately know what is wrong with them at no cost. Now that is a vision I think we can all get excited about.
@starkupnation Excited for this revolution too! Thank you for your support!
Exciting vertical application of ML - seems to be the way forward for now. Also a good way to crowdsource data with a good potential for reinforcement of the algo through a patient feedback loop.
@merschmax_ Appreciate your support!