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Chrome Extension to Growth Hack LinkedIn

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If this does what the name implies (i.e. Jump around viewing different LinkedIn profiles on the behalf). Then it wouldn't be a good idea to use this unless you pay for LinkedIn. They have strict caps and once you view a certain number of profiles a month they start to cap your search results
@_jacksmith you're absolutely right - we also mention this in our FAQs (
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@afhill Sigh. There's no non-www redirect, try
@afhill sorry about this - I've updated our DNS settings, although it might take a while to propagate through. If you're still seeing a blank page please use the www version that Dan mentioned (
So... the goal is to try to get profile views by view-spamming people? That counts as an ROI generating, growth hacking activity? LOL.
@shloky it surprised us how well it worked!
You have to explicitly tell your customers that if they exceed LinkedIn caps, then LinkedIn will BAN logins via browser (mobile will work). If you don't mention this, you may end up with unpleasant surprises. Customers dont like things coming out of the blue.
Hi guys, this started out as a script for Ed and I to use whilst promoting one of our other sites and we were pleasantly surprised by the results. We thought this might be useful in general so published it as a small tool. Would love your thoughts on this - I'll be upgrading everyone who signs up with a free Frogzilla trial so you can take it for a spin.