Prof. Brain

A messenger app that's the future of Q & A 🙌

Prof. Brain allows you to ask questions in a variety of subjects and also answer other user's questions. It is chat-based and fully dynamic. The bot is an extension of the chat based Q&A platform GoStudent, where high school students give and get answers. This is the first of many applications in the Q&A area

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@gostudent can you touch on the reliability on the answers that you see in the system right now?
@__tosh good question. Quality assurance happens on three levels 1) Answers from Bot Users: For answering in certain subjects they have to pass a short multiple-choice test that covers the most important topics. 2) On top of that we have moderators (experts in each subject) that can edit, delete and report wrong answers. 3) User profiles and User stats that is already in use in GoStudent and will be extended to Prof. Brain shortly
@__tosh, thanks for hunting us. It all started as a WhatsApp conversation between my younger brother Moritz and myself about 2 years ago. Moritz had some math questions and I was fortunately able to answer them 👨‍🏫 Moritz then forwarded that WhatsApp Nr. to all his friends and suddenly I received hundreds of questions from students all over Austria Together with our very good friend Gregor we developed the chat-based Q&A platform GoStudent that helps now more than 150.000 monthly active students all over Germany & Austria 🚀. More than 1.5 billion students go to school worldwide and digital education creates many new opportunities and chances for all of them. Our vision is help these students to improve their learning skills and foster their talents. Prof. Brain is an extension of GoStudent that runs fully on the Messenger and connects people with questions with people who have answers. The service started in India 🇮🇳 one week ago and more than 15.000 students started to use it in the last days. It is scalable and presents a really cool first Q&A use case for the Messenger. On top of that all chat dialogues are being indexed and displayed as public pages on Google to enhance the organic search traffic 🔎
@gostudent Cool idea! Could you please explain a bit more about who the people are who answer the questions?
@gostudent @abadesi Thanks a lot! :) There are two groups that give answers: 1) Other bot users after passing a mc-test --> thats how we assure they are actually able to give helpful answers in certain subjects. E.g. We have a lot of students who need a bit of help with maths, but on the other hand are great in other subjects like history. 2) Users of the GoStudent App: Their answers are also displayed in the bot. This group can be devided into motivated highschool students (like above) and tutors (mostly university students). In the app there is a voting & review system in place for quality control.

I know Felix and the team and am excited to see this product getting out into the hands of more users. This democratizes private tutoring by connecting students directly to a tutoring resource, with real time access to have questions answered across many different subjects, which would otherwise require a high cost tutor. This is a kickass edtech solution and just the first of many great things you'll see from Felix and his team!


A frictionless tutoring resource for students embedded in Fbook messenger!


Not enough students are aware of this great resource. Needs more upvotes on ProductHunt!

Great app!! This is very useful for students in helping their doubts and knowledge enhancement. 😊