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Welcome to better dropshipping on Shopify! ProductPro offers quality products from USA suppliers you can sell on your Shopify store. Enjoy automated fulfillment, vetted suppliers, and fast shipping.

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Hi PH! Our team at F13 Works built ProductPro to offer a better dropshipping solution to Shopify users. We've curated products from reliable suppliers who we vet individually to guarantee the quality of our catalog. There are currently over 17,000 products in the app, with hundreds more added every day. Today we're on Shopify, but our goal is to launch ProductPro on all major e-commerce platforms by the end of the year. Let me know what you think!
I have an existing shopify store with an large catalog of products (a few dropshipped (where I manually email the orders), but most I keep in inventory). What would it take to add some of product pro's products? What categories of products do you guys have?
@andrew_lien Great questions Andrew! Adding products is as simple as installing the app and selecting a button on the product(s) you want to add. We offer the ability to edit product title, description, and pricing before adding to your Shopify store. Our system only interacts with products from our app, so you other orders will remain unbothered. Our top categories right now are sports & fitness, outdoors, fashion apparel, fashion jewelry, consumer electronics, and food & drink.
Are these suppliers working with designers on their products? Is this a full circle operation?
@jacqvon Thanks for the question Jacqueline! Many of our suppliers do work with designers on their products. Once an order is placed, we handle the shipping and fulfillment to the end customer.
Isn't drop shipping a scam?
@huangdun That's a common misconception, but dropshipping is a legit business model. I will say that dropshipping low-quality products from overseas and marketing them falsely is the main reason dropshipping is considered a scam. However, some of the biggest retailers use this business model (Wayfair, Macy's, Target, etc.) That's part of the reason we built ProductPro. We want to offer quality products from trusted suppliers we vet individually. There's complete transparency so you and your customers can have faith in the products you sell.
@chris_sentz Good pint! So instead of use drop shipping and create a huge markup for the end buyer and feed all the ads needs for social media companies, why not build a place where the manufactures can sell in a fair price to the end user directly as they already doing all the hard works except marketing. Isn't drop shipping model building on layers of bubbles if you think about when one day aliexpress become well known from 3 years old to 100 years old and and everyone find out the price on it?
@huangdun I feel the main idea behind dropshipping is allowing product suppliers to access customers they previously couldn't reach. For example, if I make televisions I could sell them directly to customers myself or sell them through retailers like Best Buy. I can make money selling them directly to the consumer, but I'll never get those loyal Best Buy customers. Most manufactures aren't great at marketing, so dropshipping allows manufacturers to leverage the marketing talent and loyal customer base of retailers. This model is being widely adopted by big retailers like Macy's Target, Wal-Mart, etc. It also allows you to extend your product aisle and offer more SKUs without investing in inventory. For the AliExpress point, I see more retailers and customers moving away from them because of the shipping times and product quality.
@huangdun It is anything but a scam. It's the best way for any small business to get their start without dropping tons of capital to house goods, goods that may never sell.
I’ve read many reviews that the interface is slow and the UI is terrible — have these issues been resolved?
@arthur_west_iv Hi Arthur! Those reviews were accurate at the time. We just launched a new UI last Friday that resolved all of the issues mentioned in our reviews.
@chris_sentz Good, I'm glad to hear. I use Modalyst so I will be eager to give you guys a try.