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this looks like a cool product; but comes across as a kind of crappy discount to backers imho. $23 for backers. estimated retail for $25. so backers that are taking a massive risk and committing cash upfront to fund the development save a whopping $2... backers should be rewarded more for their initial backing imho.
@_jacksmith Not sure I'd call backing a journal a massive risk, but I do agree the $2 off is a weird incentive.
@kevinespiritu the main risk/downside is that you don't know exactly when it will ship (and the quality might be worse than expected)
@_jacksmith Hi Jack, as we communicate in Kickstarter, the planner will be shipped in January 2016 and we will do our best to ship before then. We have been in the journal business for sometime and backers will be receiving a high quality product that Five Minute Journal users have known for years now. We are working with one of the best manufacturers in China that have work with your favourite publishers and notebook providers (Clue: starts with M). Regarding price, the early bird was priced around $20USD and it was gone pretty quickly. We have priced it according to other successful journal/planner Kickstarters which had planners at higher price points that our, with similar or less discount.
FYI: If you shared the product on social media to get their free PDF, you'll get it after the Kickstarter finishes. I wish it said that before.
@esbvn thanks for the heads up, I was about to share this just now. Doesn't look like anything I can't just manually replicate in my already-stellar Baron Fig Confidant, without sacrificing the need to take notes from time to time.
@esbvn You are right that we will be sending a full PDF after Kickstarter finishes, however, you still get a quick start PDF with a Quick Guide and a daily planner page for now.
Looks good, I just wish shipping was not so expensive.
I have to agree with @aaran_mcguire it looks great and I was considering one till I saw the price of international shipping.
@aaran_mcguire We understand that international shipping is expensive but this is the price that our fulfilment partner provides and there is no mark up here. Ask book stores in your home town to contact us to carry it in 2016.
What would be nice is if they sold a way cheaper PDF version that I can print myself.
@v_sharm You can get a PDF by sharing or just contributing $2 CAD, less than your daily cup of coffee.

I like how you can review your week and write down what you could have done better. It would be great if they also considered adding weekends to the Productivity Planner. You need to work around that by using different pages meant for something else. What I also like is the Pomodoro section where you can indicate how much time you need for a certain task.


Helps to manage different activities and helps to keep you accountable.


Would be helpful if they also added weekends. I work around this by using other pages.