Personal time tracker for habits and goals

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SEO must be tough with that name.
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Hi everyone! The app just got approved yesterday, here is the App Store link:
Hmm. Site says coming to the store in October of 2015. It is November, no release? Also how much of the data input is automated vs manual entry?
I am really excited about the launch. I created Productivity because I was looking forward for a better personal time management. You can analyze your time by activity or globally to really understand how you spend your time and how you can be more productive. Productivity is different because it’s sleek, streamlined, and goal-oriented. It’s designed to keep users on track every second of the day and offers a comprehensive breakdown of daily activities to further promote time management skills. Productivity goes a step further to offer analytics. Users can see their progress by using the “Today Productivity” and “Overall Productivity” features that offer progress bars and performance analysis. I started designing Productivity after spending years seeking one like it. I never found anything that came close. It includes the latest and greatest technologies from iOS 9, such us: - Force Touch - Quick Actions (with automatic activity suggestions) - Spotlight Search Business people, students, parents, and fitness gurus will all love Productivity. It lets people seamlessly organize their schedules, focus on activities, and keep track of their day to day life. Even people with ADHD will benefit from this super-organized app. Productivity will be the ultimate tool for time management, offering people from all walks of life the ability to increase productivity, overcome procrastination, develop good time management habits, and live a more fulfilling life. I’m looking for feedback for Productivity, including your thoughts on the UI and features. I’m open to any suggestions that you have regarding the app, and I greatly look forward to seeing your comments.
@guarinoios congrats for your release. I downloaded and bought the pro version after I saw it on PH. Unfortunately there seems to be a bug. I can't create more than one task in some categories 😟 This kills the way I'd like to use the app. :(