Productive Habits

Learn how to work smarter, not harder, in four weeks

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My first email course is about to launch! It's already available for purchase, but the early bird price (with 25% discount) expires on Monday. The course is a culmination of everything I've learned about building productive habits to help me work smarter, not harder. I've researched, tried, and written about habits, routines, and productivity for the last 3+ years and I wanted to share some of the most practical, useful techniques I've come across. The course is delivered via email every day for 4 weeks. The first emails are being sent out this Monday and the price will be back to normal (no early bird discount) from that day on. Feel free to ask any questions that aren't answered on the site!
Congratulations! Great idea. One suggestion - offer first lesson free to get people hooked, and give them something that leeds on to the second lesson.
@georgety Great idea! I've actually done that on my blog but I should add the link to the landing page. You can read the free lesson here:
This looks awesome @bellebcooper Congrats on putting it together and getting it out into the world!
@mishachellam Thanks Misha! The beta testing has gone really well, so I'm excited to share it with more people.
Great idea, and I am sure that content is extremely valuable. @bellebcooper could you share some information on the tech tools you used to make the course?
@marchenkomark Thanks! I'm using an automated workflow in Campaign Monitor to send the emails and Stripe to handle payments. Nothing too fancy!
Great idea @bellebcooper ! Lots of friends keep asking me about productivity hacks for the daily life and it was always difficult to recommend something simple and efficient. The free chapter on the blog rocks!