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Varun Malhotra — Software Engineer, Wingify
Hey everyone,

The story is very cool. I was going through a project on PH and after reading comments(especially by @rrhoover) I realized it would be great to have a PH Users origin map, a map which would visualize the ProductHunt Users worldwide.

So, my hunt for the same began. And due to the ProductHunt Hackathon fever, my usual coding speed went exponentially faster :D

-> The primary challenge of this project was figuring out how to get the desired data.

I started reading the PH API docs, wrote NodeJS script to fetch all the PH users data., Twitter API was used over the collected PH data to get the location of all users. Google Maps Geocoding API helped in converting addresses (like "1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA") into geographic coordinates (like latitude 37.423021 and longitude -122.083739), which can be used to place markers on a map, or position the map. Data modelling and normalization of data followed after proper screening of Geocodes data.

I have written a blog on how I did Data modelling, screening and visualization here ->

-> The secondary challenge of this project was figuring out how to draw several thousand 3D data spikes as quickly and smoothly as possible.

The data was ready to be served on the front end side now. I used Google WebGL Globe for visualizing the data, which beautifully renders the location spikes onto a rotating 3D world map. It runs only in WebGL-enabled browsers like Google Chrome.

W00T!! Everything worked like a charm!
Mohsen M Khali — IoT investor @ Iratel Ventures
@s0ftvar great idea but it doesn't work. does that mean my comp is shit? :D
Varun Malhotra — Software Engineer, Wingify
@mossibat What's the config? Did you try it on latest Chrome?
Ben Tossell — Community Lead, Product Hunt
Love this idea... the globe keeps spinning though and I wish I could zoom in more!!
Varun Malhotra — Software Engineer, Wingify
@bentossell Thank You!
Zoom in to see what? I would love to help.
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