Talk with fellow product managers about how you do stuff.

Productbox is a subscription-based online community where each week, product managers swap how they carry out a featured part of their jobs. The goal is to help make continuous learning a habit by making it more efficient and enjoyable.
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Hey gang, There are a lot of great resources out there for new product managers. But after talking with 100s of experienced PMs, we learned a lot about how more seasoned people can feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to continuous learning. Here were the major takeaways: 1. Weeding through articles about work can be hard to consistently prioritize because this is not a lot of people's idea of a good time. 2. Bosses, co-workers and mentors can be great resources, but they represent a tiny number of perspectives relative to the grand scheme of things. Putting too much weight in expert opinions discourages independent thinking. 3. Twitter, Slack, LinkedIn and existing online communities can be all over the place and don't do a good job of organizing their most valuable contributions for future use. We're excited to share Productbox, a first of its kind online community where top product managers make continuous learning a habit. Each week, experienced PMs rally around a single topic. These mind-melds are kicked off by an expert host, but members can post whatever they want i.e. personal approaches, success stories, failures. They can also add to standardized lists that organize tips, resources and questions for the group. Previous topics are available as living documents in a Topic Library. We'd love your feedback as we continue to shape this format. And if you're a product manager, feel free to request an invite! Thanks in advance, hunters. Erik PS (for product designers) - we haven't publicized this much, but we're going to launch a second community on Productbox just for you. If you're a product designer, go ahead and request an invite now so you're at the top of the list :)
@erikspang i applied for an invite. how soon can we expect it will open up?
Looks like a valuable community! Just requested access 👍
Looks interesting. It's awesome when you can discuss your routine problems and ask questions to other experienced guys you don't know. It's always work as an inspiration when you can get feedback on related to you problems. Just requested access! :)
@tumasov really glad it's resonating. We haven't found an alternative that checks all the boxes on this process. Also I'm sure you meant "guys" generically 🙂, but wanted to throw out for everyone else that we're shooting for a 50/50 male to female ratio and actively recruiting underrepresented groups. Really excited to build a diverse community that looks more like what tech as a whole should/could look like. And have everyone benefit from it!
You are absolutely right about "guys" and meant generically
@erikspang It's really awesome! I'm happy to hear how modern startups are trying to build a diverse community. Would keep in mind and check for updates! Thank you.
As a recent college graduate who aspires to become a PM, I hope you guys will accept my request!
@ios_javi I'm glad this feels valuable to you! Productbox is specifically designed for current PMs because it focuses on the sharing of workflows that are rooted in real life experiences. The good news is that there are a ton of awesome resources for aspiring PMs out there. Hit me with an email at and I'd be happy to forward some of my favorites. When you land that first PM gig, come on back and we'll make it happen!
Lots of resources out there, but it does get a bit much. This sounds like a good idea where you can focus on tips and tools that other people with similar issues are already using.