Automatic sustainability compliance

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Looks pretty useful for compliance purposes — with all these arcane and lengthy regulations out there, ProductBio seems intended to help businesses make better informed purchasing decisions.
One of the founders checking in here. Happy to answer any questions you guys may have =]
We use machine learning and advanced data science techniques to piece together and index supply chain stories automatically from 3rd party validated sources like ecolabels, material safety data sheets, etc...akin to a detective piecing together a crime scene of "what happened". Great to see so much support on here!
Sounds cool! How and where are you guys getting the data for this?
@uncannymandy Great question! We're aggregating and analyzing numerous public and private sources of product information to gain a better understanding of how these products are created. This can be as detailed as the individual ingredients or components to the processes and stages of production. With this knowledge in hand, we can better quantify the impacts products have environmentally, ethically, and locally which makes it easy for large organizations to make more sustainable buying decisions.