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Product Curation Platform Designed for Product Individuals

Hello, Product Web is a product article curation platform that aims to help product individuals save time and effort searching for product content and focus on acquiring knowledge instead! Right now it gathers the best articles from over 20 sources!
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Hey all, Doing Product is no easy feat. As part of my journey to become a product manager, I have taken on the challenge of building a product from scratch. Having no technical background, this was indeed a difficult task. The goal of this product started with the mindset to make the lives of product individuals easier and I hope I have accomplished this goal. I do acknowledge that the product is far from being perfect. However, I will keep looking to improve my skills and continue working on the product. Will greatly appreciate any feedback and advice! Thank you in advance!
This website would be a Great help for people who are planning to venture into product management! Keep it up
Congrats, Eng Heng! Looks great, I will definitely check this out!