Product Wars

A real-time war room for your product launch

Follow your Product Hunt Launch in Real-Time!
See which of your PR actions are working, how your competitors are doing and if your momentum is good.
Display it on a big screen, and experience the real war-room thrill of a Product Hunt launch.
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Launching on Product Hunt was such a thrill and so much fun for the whole team. Everyone was on fire helping new users out, writing down new ideas, looking for info and encouraging our existing fanbase. But we kept wondering which of our marketing actions had an impact and where our competitors were doing. So we used our own tool and built this chart. We displayed in on a big screen and turned our CTO’s apartment in a real war-room. After launch, we thought this could be useful to other Makers so we added a bit of html/css and put it online :) We hope you'll enjoy it. Happy Launch!
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Would be cool if you could use it for crowdfunding campaigns aswell. A big counter for the amount of money raised.
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@jimmycowe Good idea, which platform first?
What cool features would you like to see on Product Wars?
@jukkez Awesome product guys! Would love to see a sentiment analysis from user comments 👍
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@lachlankirkwood Wow that's a cool idea; Retrieving the comments is easy but what'd you recommend to analyze the text?
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@lachlankirkwood @jukkez Yeah sentiment analysis would be sweet. Google's Cloud language processing service has a sentiment analysis on a per sentence basis:
@jukkez Watson's studio has a good off-the-shelf NLP tool you could check out.