Product Valet

Discover new products based on past Product Hunt upvotes

Product Valet was a fun little project that actually started at the 2014 Product Hunt Hackathon. It was too big to finish in a weekend, but I kept it as a personal side project. One of my favorite part is finding my Product Hunt doppelgangers with the User Recommender feature.
@jjhageman Whoa! Hadn't noticed that feature. Here's mine:
@mijustin @jjhageman I'm not surprised to see @pjrvs in your list. Did you realize you vote for products similarly?
Jeremy just sent me this, and it's really cool. When you auth with your Product Hunt account, it gives you recommendations based on your past upvotes. 👍
This feels like a couple of features Id like to see within PH proper. Nice work.
So this is really fun. I want to know who finds the highest match rate. I'm 57% with @henrieagyeman and have already been beat. Next?
@kkdub, @rrhoover actually broke the doppelganger meter with @sfali789 and 3118 product upvotes in common!

Why does it need to know your private information on Product Hunt?
@chrismessina There really is no private information available through the Product Hunt API. The idea behind authenticating with PH was to eventually allow upvotes and follows from within the app, and to hopefully increase engagement with all of the valuable historical (i.e, less than a week old) PH data. It seemed best to add auth from the beginning, rather than add it in later.
@jjhageman I tend to disagree with that approach (only ask for what's immediately necessary) but ok.
@chrismessina I'm with you on the 'ask for what's immediately necessary' idea. But I think what is a more interesting question is what would you replace authentication with? A text field to enter your twitter handle on each visit? I do agree that it is a problem that authentication is generally associated with private info, even if it's just used for initial identification.