Product Tactics

An eBook for modern product management teams

Product Management TACTICS is packed full insights from the most highly respected product leaders around today. The book features several topics -- Pre-Product, Product Building, Managing Product, Product Teams, Product Strategy and Leadership -- all compiled from insights gathered from some of the top talks at INDUSTRY: The Product Conference.

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We're really excited to release this today! We know that most people can't make it to our conferences. So we hired professional journalists to take notes to share with attendees (as we now do each year). But from those, we compiled this ebook that ranges all sorts of different topics relevant to modern product teams... coming straight from some of today's top product leaders. We at Product Collective would love to get your thoughts on it!
Lots of good advice in here and props to the creator for finding a new way to reuse their conference content to bring people into their funnel. Could stand to be proofread - a few grammar issues, and the page labeled 27 credits the speaker as "Nick Reddit", for example, but this is a great concept!
@iota Thanks Jason... and I swear we went through it several times. So those issues are frustrating. :-/ But, we're on it to fix right now. Thanks for pointing them out. And yes, like anything... it does bring people into our funnel (hey, let's be honest). But, we wouldn't put it out there if we didn't think it was great content that can help product people. Thanks again!
The conference was great (I attended), so this is sure to be a solid resource for product people. Great idea!
@willdages Thanks so much for saying that, Will! I really appreciate it! :-)
Can not reach the website..😟
@sure_lee Really? The link seems to be working on our end as far as we can tell.
Can't access the website either!
@hingadingaling That's so strange! It's still up and working... I'm getting lots of emails / downloads even today. Email me at and I'll see if I can help