Product Snacks

Bite-sized learning cards for product managers

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Makers take note: Super smart little flash cards that make the product manager's life easier. Have already done incredibly well on Amazon, and now they're on Product Hunt!
I'm so pleased to be on Product Hunt :-) YAAAAYYYYY. Thank you! PRODUCT HUNT DISCOUNT CODE BELOW FOR AMAZON UK! Valid till 22 JUNE 2015 23:59 BST while stocks last. And thanks for all the upvotes! I really appreciate it. I just brought Product Snacks to market about 2 months ago by myself. I've tried my hardest to make them useful for Product Managers and entrepreneurs. I've been working as a product manager for quite a while now, on variety of products in the USA and UK. I've tried to put my best thinking and latest ideas from the product management community into them. I've also tried to 'eat my own dog food' and have taken an MVP approach, trying to keep risk low and investment in check as I tested and revised. I've created and designed, packed, labelled and mailed everything so far. I try to keep myself on my toes! It's been hard, but massive learning. One of my suggestions on the Promotion card was to use Product Hunt! I never dreamt of all the uses people would use them for. So far: 1) Learn about Product Management (obvious use!) 2) Use as a checklist for their startups (a tech founder who just got seed funding for their tech startup). 3) To clarify roles, responsibilities and boundaries between teams e.g. marketing and product management teams and 'who does what'. 4) As a way to structure interviews. Each time I speak to someone about them, they teach me something new and give me ideas. 'A mini Product Management encyclopaedia', and a great 'checklist'. I then try to build their ideas into my thoughts and marketing. Two really exciting moments so far: 1) Selling out my first batch so fast on Amazon UK, I briefly shot to no. 399 on the whole of the site. 2) Getting listed on Product Hunt :-) If you decide to buy some Product Snacks on Amazon UK you can use the code I've created today, for being on Product Hunt! HUNT10PC for a 10% discount. Just apply BEFORE you finally checkout. They're currently being enjoyed in Silicon Valley USA :-), England, Ireland, Scotland, France, Germany, Belgium, Estonia, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Malta, Canada, Netherlands, Hungary, Finland... I'm now thinking about how to expand things and have some ideas for a digital way to shift how we approach hiring and job role competencies. THANKS ALL :-)
These are really awesome. Would love to see these show up for other core teams like sales, customer success, marketing, etc...
@jasonhitchcock Thanks Jason! That's a neat idea. It's something I am looking at as one option. On another note, I'm still working on growth and cost-effective promotion to drive volume. Just been listening to one of your Soundcloud growth marketing podcasts to get a few ideas :-)
@prattarazzi - any plans for an iOS app?
@tariktech Hey. No plans so far. The cards are often used in team groups, for sorting and grouping. I'm not sure an iOS app would be as useful - what do you think? On another point, I'm not sure it would give a return on investment as I'd need to pay someone to design and develop it for me!