Product Runt

A dynamic list of the bottom 100 projects on Product Hunt

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How about highlighting projects voted a lot but failed in real life.
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@nilsej Great idea. We talked internally about the opportunity to do some deeper dives - showcasing some projects that succeeded despite low votes, and visa versa. We agree there's an opportunity to dig more here for sure. Thanks!
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@omicaustin @nilsej yes, this looks interesting. May be someplace where we can see how projects are performing. Some big ones of PH but failed is a great point and give lot of learning.
@omicaustin @nilsej I run into dead projects here often. Would be good to have them marked on a list when it happens.
@sacbookreviewer @nilsej Yes, good point. We discussed this internally during development and made a decision to keep the dead projects on our list. We thought it was still relevant to see the PH page for these projects - even if they aren't around anymore. In case you haven't seen it, is an awesome list of dead projects made by @jsneedles and @FredRivett.
@omicaustin @nilsej @jsneedles @fredrivett Hadn't see it, so I'll go check it out. But my issue is more with PH. I find myself using it sometimes for research. Either looking for something I sorta remember seeing here, or looking for a tool among the collections submissions. But then I end up with dead items in search. So having a icon next to a name that says the project is "probably" dead, would be helpful (@rrhoover)
OH MY. That pig mascot. Genius, @omicaustin.
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@rrhoover Haha. Thanks, Ryan! It took a while to find just the right pig.
@rrhoover @omicaustin I love how this helps rebalance the PH ecosystem, giving the biggest losers a second chance! Anecdotally I just visited Groopie (top All Time Runt) and it actually looked kinda cool haha. Nice job Austin!
@cpresc @rrhoover Awesome! Thanks, Chris. Discovery in action! :)
pretty funny concept. this is a reverse leaderboard for product hunt
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@_jacksmith Basically a "trailerboard" :D
Thanks for the hunt, @_jacksmith! We had some fun putting this little side project together. There are a bunch of great "Best of" and "Top" leaderboards using Product Hunt data, but not a lot of focus on the bottom. We think there's a lot to be learned from projects that didn't reach their potential for one reason or another. That's why we tried to pack in so much info to the leaderboard (i.e. headline, maker/hunter count, comment count, category). You can do a bit of analysis on some of these projects and try to piece together what might have gone wrong. Was the headline too blind/clever? Did the Maker not engage enough? Was the project not explained or presented clearly with the assets provided? - So it can be a bit of a learning tool. Plus, it's interesting to browse some of projects on this list. Some are great, some are ridiculous, some are fantastically terrible. Hopefully this is a chance to see some projects that you never would have noticed otherwise. The idea came up a few months ago when our first project was hunted, but we didn't find out about it until 8 days later. That project currently has a whopping 6 upvotes (*including* one vote from me, and one from my wife!), and I was convinced we had to be one of the lowest performing projects on Product Hunt. I couldn't find a way to find out - so Product Runt was born. Unfortunately, it turns out that that project wasn't even "featured" so we wouldn't qualify for this list anyway, but whatever - we wear our failures with pride! :) Thanks for checking us out. We hope you find this little project useful!
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@omicaustin Nice. Finally a little recognition for the underdogs!
Dang I didn't even make this list! :'(