Concise and unbiased product reviews from influential founders, team leaders, and budget owners to help during the last mile of the software discovery process.

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I'm incredibly excited to share what's been a long time in the making. Since day one, we’ve taken a data-first approach to solving the software discovery problem at Siftery. This includes launching products like our Personalized Product Recommendations AI ( and our Product Alternatives finder( Now, we’re launching Product Reviews to help solve what we call the “last mile” in software discovery. Before launching, we collected more than 2,000 reviews across slightly more than 700 products. A plurality of the reviews come from founders, company leaders, influencers, and investors. Now you can add your voice as well! You can add a review or give a thank you 👏 to the most helpful ones. Reviews with the most ‘claps’ are displayed prominently across Siftery. For some more info on how reviews tie in with other features on Siftery, you can check out our Medium post here: or go directly to
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Another great product from the Siftery team, keep up the great work.
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We built Product Reviews from the ground up thinking about what would attract busy company leaders and influencers to both contribute their opinions and to find value from other reviews. This is how we arrived at the guiding values of Concision (keep it short and juicy) and Objectivity (never pay for reviews).

love the UI and ease-of-use.


super easy way to review an item. great way to quickly assess a product.


does not go in-depth.

'Objective concision'. Great idea. There are so many products and services out there it's important to hear real world reviews over PR. Really lovely execution too 🙌