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Take the stress out of product manager job hunting.

Get feedback on your product manager resume or sign up to practice interviewing. Making the product job hunt less painful.

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Hey folks, I've gone through the pain of searching and interviewing for product roles. I'd love to help guide others trying to do the same.
@mrkucher 🙏thanks for doing this!
@mrdobelina Glad to see you're getting something out of it!
This is good place for business people
@roland_hovsepyan Absolutely! Hope it helps
this can be vary valuable
@babken_karapetyan I think so too! Let me know what you think
I've interviewed hundreds of PMs, there's definitely a need here. It would be helpful to see some results. Maybe a few example of before and after resumes.
@kylelibra Thanks! I'll be sure to add examples of before/after.
Hey, excellent site :) Do you mind explaining a bit more of what does does resume revamp mean? Does this only include "You should change xyz line with abc and include more specific and quantifiable lines" Or you revamp and rewrite the lines yourself? If its only feedback based service, do you have a sample feedback that you can share(obviously exclude personal details for privacy reason)?
@sumit_gupta Thanks for the feedback. At the moment, resume revamp includes feedback on the content and formatting of the resume. I'll be sure to include examples!