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Hey everyone, I'm so excited to share Product Rank with you! Product Rank is a simple tool built over the last few weeks aimed at helping makers plan and monitor their Product Hunt launches. I decided to build it after having read a number of blog posts discussing the numbers behind a successful Product Hunt launch, and wanting to be able to dive into this data myself and allow others to gain similar insights. I've tried to keep it as simple as possible but there's obviously a lot more that can be done. I'm excited to hear your thoughts and feedback, and I'd love to know what features and insights could help you better plan your launch. Thank you for checking out Product Rank, and thank you so much to @v4violetta for hunting!
@lucasjgordon good job. I think this will very useful
@matthui @lucasjgordon thank you Matthew, I'm glad you like it :)
@lucasjgordon Cool stuff. What do the two numbers next to the rank stand for?
@rocketclubco @lucasjgordon thank you Erik, RocketClub is doing so well congratulations! The numbers show position, vote count and average votes per hour :)
Pick any date and you'll be able to visualize any product's journey throughout the day. :)
@v4violetta thank you so much for hunting Violeta! So glad that you like Product Rank :)
Interesting idea, @lucasjgordon! I've been slightly more active on PH recently and it seems that products that are hunted earlier in the day seem to do better than those hunted later in the day (with exceptions). Of course, that's my opinion and not backed by data. Product Rank will be helpful in this case for people to strategise their launch on PH. Well done!
@alfred_lua thanks a lot Alfred! Thats definitely what I've found so far, though the data is often skewed by big name products posted later in the day. But generally in order to reach the number one spot a product should be posted before 07:00 PST. I really hope this helps people plan their launch strategies!
I'm really surprised this hasn't already been built by the PH team themselves - it's a simple yet highly informative overview. Love it! Great job.
@pierreventer thanks Pierre I'm so glad that you like it! I really hope it's useful to the community :)
wow! tell us about the stack you used to build this please!!!
@orliesaurus hey thanks for checking it out! The site is built with AngularJS and Chartist. I'm using Parse for the back end, and I wrote a Cloud Code module to wrap the Product Hunt API a while back :)