Product Planet

Up-skilling platform for developers and designers

#5 Product of the DayAugust 19, 2019
Product Planet is an up-skilling platform for developers and designers.
Learn Frontend technologies (ReactJS, VueJS, JavaScript), Mobile technologies (React Native, Android, iOS) and UX Design through interactive bite-sized courses.
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Hello 👋, I'm the founder of Product Planet, an up-skilling platform for developers and designers. I've interviewed and worked with tons of people at product startups over the last 7 years, and observed that there are two big problems: 1. College grads and employees early on in their careers don't know what level of skills are required to work at the top startups, and thus are often unsuitable for tech roles. 2. Startups find it very difficult to hire the right talent and many positions either go unfilled or they end up hiring mediocre talent. We are trying to bridge this gap at Product Planet and want to help developers and designers learn relevant skills and then connect them with top startups, so we can create a better startup community.
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Followed here from SUS. This is very cool. We recently built our MVP and can totally see why this would've been a life saver to someone not familiar with a particular stack and is looking to push a product out the door. Would love to see a feature where you walk through an end to end example project so I get to learn real applicability as well, thinking from a non-programmer POV. Great platform and kudos to the team @dhruv_bhatia ! Good luck
@tejas_rd1 Thanks, really appreciate the feedback. We actually do walk through end-to-end example projects for both React and React Native. Will be adding an end-to-end walkthrough for UI Design soon too. Thanks again for the feedback. Would love to know about your MVP too :)
@dhruv_bhatia great stuff, excited for you guys. We're building in the investing space, had launched earlier but hit some glitches so taking a step back to realign. Will keep you posted.
@tejas_rd1 Interesting. I've been investing for a very long time. I'd love to share my problems with current investing platforms.
@dhruv_bhatia oh great, let's connect on twitter or email? Would love to hear your thoughts over thoughts over a call
@tejas_rd1 Sure, will do
Great initiative!
@huaiyukhaw Thank you so much!
@shekhar_modi1 Thank you, glad you like it.
Amazing product!