Product Person

Find out what type of product person you are.


Rob Bye
@robjbye · I build products and companies
Nice work! Next step would be to have it auto generate from answering a few questions?
Christian Montoya
@cm0nt0y4 · Looking for a new opportunity
Hello Product Hunters! A couple days ago I came across "What you should be looking for in a product person" by @uriharamati: https://medium.com/swlh/what-you... I thought it was a great attempt to categorize the various types of product people. As I was reading it, I wanted to make my own graph. But then I thought, why not make a tool that enables anyone t… See more
Mas Elias
@mattesar_com · Made Riofolio.com, music at Mattesar.com
Nice, reminds me of RPG games. Looks like something that can be baked into a gamified business web app!
Nadav Weizmann
@nadavwiz · Founder & CTO, Docady
@uriharamati you're awesome !