Product Person

Find out what type of product person you are.

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Nice work! Next step would be to have it auto generate from answering a few questions?
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Hello Product Hunters! A couple days ago I came across "What you should be looking for in a product person" by @uriharamati: I thought it was a great attempt to categorize the various types of product people. As I was reading it, I wanted to make my own graph. But then I thought, why not make a tool that enables anyone to make their own graph! So I set out to build just that. Make sure you read Uri's post before doing this exercise for yourself. It's also useful for anyone looking to hire a product manager, to help you understand what we are like and what you are really looking for. Also, the code is on GitHub, so you can tweak it to your liking:
@cm0nt0y4 Tnx man, this is so awesome. BTW, that's me -
@cm0nt0y4 @uriharamati Hahaha on my first day at university the students association actually used the same duck metaphor like in this medium article to describe our field of study :D - Like it
@cm0nt0y4 @uriharamati Nice! This is such a cool tool, thanks for making it. Also, if you are just getting into product management (I am too), I interviewed a couple PMs for product wisdom on how to get into the field, hope they can be helpful:,,
Nice, reminds me of RPG games. Looks like something that can be baked into a gamified business web app!