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This podcast is awesome. And not just because I'm a guest ;)
@pjrvs haha. We gotta do another one. ;)
"Entrepreneurs, Product Managers, developers, designers and starters: if you want to learn how to get a great idea, and turn it into a marketable product, then this show is for you. The show involves discussion about how great things are created, tips for aspiring entrepreneurs, and interviews with people who have successfully made their product businesses their sole sources of income."
@erictwillis thanks for posting it Eric! Starting the podcast with @kylefox was one of the best things I've ever done. One of my recurring themes on the show (and my blog) is that we need to "start now and ship often". I'd always wanted to do a podcast, but didn't do it until Kyle pushed me to do it. Since I published our first episode in 2012, I've experienced so many great things because of the show: - I've built relationships with incredible people: both the guests, and the talented product folks who listen to the show - I’ve had the opportunity to travel, to speak at conferences, and to judge things like @railsrumble - My first sponsor @sprintly, sponsored the show for 2 years, and eventually offered me a job: - Product People listeners have coalesced into a strong community over at Product People Club. I get to hang out with these folks every day in our Slack chat; and share life with them. That’s been the best part. Thanks again; I appreciate everyone's kind words and encouragement. ;)
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One of my favorites. I'm surprised this hasn't been hunted before. cc @mijustin
@ramykhuffash It's excellent. I was shocked it wasn't hunted. Surely there are still lots of people here who are not aware of it that will enjoy it.
My favorite ProductPeople episode is about the beginnings of ProductHunt:
@shennyg awwww yeaaaaah! The infamous @rrhoover episode. I love that one, because it's about Ryan running Product Hunt *before* it really blew up.
@mijustin One of my favs as well! cc @shennyg
@shennyg that was fun. I had been a long-time listener of @mijustin's podcast before joining the show.
Was just listening to the most recent episode about sketchnotes this morning. I like how it's not just about tech products per se. This episode was about really understanding your unique talents, publishing, and creating a community. Great listen.
@eric3000 Eric. That episode is why I posted it! I assumed it had already been hunted and was a bit surprised. It's an awesome podcast.
@eric3000 yes! @rohdesign's episode was awesome.
@eric3000 Thanks Eric! I appreciate that. :-)