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JesWangMaker@jeswang · Founder & CTO, Product Ninja
We are an e-commerce site dedicated to bringing smart hardware and emerging tech to one marketplace. Our community of makers, reviewers and product lovers know early adopters deserve their own store. We curate and approve every product before it starts selling in the shop, not everything makes the cut. We're very picky about products, you will only see the best.
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
@jeswang Is that why there are currently so few on the site? What would you say is your rejection rate? Why did you decide not to go down the route of allowing any projects on there and letting the community decide which are cool? The AirBnB of Smart Hardware :)
Elyse ManzoMaker@elise_manzo · CEO & Co-Founder, Product Ninja
@bentossell @jeswang Hi Ben! Great questions :). Majority of the products have been chosen and backed by the community during a crowdfunding period. We still want and support community involvement (check out our Trials) deciding what is cool and what misses the mark but we will do an initial curation to help the overall quality and keep consumer shopping experience a positive one. This does mean we will be growing as new products get come to reality. This way we can differentiate ourselves, at Product Ninja products will hit the market first through us.
JesWangMaker@jeswang · Founder & CTO, Product Ninja
@bentossell We are actually just launching today with a handful of products. We will be adding more each day. Thank you for your suggestion, currently indeed any maker can submit their project, but we do go through a review process as it's a marketplace, people make purchases.
Sergio ZamoraHunter@sazp96 · Co-Founder, Ingrein
Hello Hunters, Product Ninja is an online marketplace for smart hardware and emerging tech. Find curated market ready products and products in trial state looking for feedback. They match products with influential people to provide feedback and reviews in exchange of free or deeply discounted products. It seems similar to the now virtually shut down acquired by Etsy.
JesWangMaker@jeswang · Founder & CTO, Product Ninja
@sazp96 Thank you so much Sergio for posting us.
Elyse ManzoMaker@elise_manzo · CEO & Co-Founder, Product Ninja
@sazp96 Thanks Sergio!
Andrew Brodsky@andrewjb44 · Digital Product Guru
I love these types of sites ( or I love discovering new tech, and add in the ability to try it out in exchange for a fair and honest got me! I have been swayed to purchase some items on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, but quickly become frustrated by the ever too common "Unfortunately we have hit a snag" type blog post. Usually delaying my item for 6 months.
Elyse ManzoMaker@elise_manzo · CEO & Co-Founder, Product Ninja
@andrewjb44 Great to hear!! That is a pain points we wanted to address for our early adopter community, now you can skip the delay emails and frustration and just focus on the tech. Hope you already got a chance to check out the two products in our Trials right now and others in the Shop available today!
K-A Deigratia Leske@kadiska1905 · Owner, The Butterfly Project
Cool site! I am always prowling the web and various apps in hopes of discovering innovative products!
Elyse ManzoMaker@elise_manzo · CEO & Co-Founder, Product Ninja
@kadiska1905 Thank you! We have an app coming :).
Nikolas Huebecker@nhuebecker · Building TeenMade!
So cool! Can't wait to see what products you start putting up.
Elyse ManzoMaker@elise_manzo · CEO & Co-Founder, Product Ninja
@nhuebecker We can't wait to bring them to you as well!! Thanks!