A gallery of over 💯 product marketing examples.
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Product people are spending countless hours trying to find examples from other websites. Any "showcase" of examples is a welcome addition to our Product tool belts. Chamelon's Product Marketing Gallery is no different. It'll save you time and help you see exactly what other products are doing with a lot less hassle.
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@hnshah thanks for hunting us Hiten. Appreciate all the support and advice you provide in helping us create better products!
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Hi folks, excited to be sharing this with you; we’re so critical as makers that we don’t often feel ready to launch, but I’m truly proud of the work (>100 hours) that’s gone into creating this free resource to help everyone build better in-product marketing. As we move towards a product-first world, *marketing to users about the product* becomes really key to drive conversion and boost growth. People get too many emails and CTRs are low. The best time to engage, teach or encourage is when a user is already *inside your product*, whether that be a new sign-up or long-term fan. This gallery showcases examples from Asana, Dropbox, Slack and other great products that are already leveraging their in-product UX to deliver marketing and education to their users. Some things you can do in this gallery: ➡️ See examples by type (e.g. tooltips vs. modals) ➡️ Leave comments on each entry (what you like / dislike) ➡️ Watch videos of how to build these without code ➡️ Submit an example (from your product or a favorite you want to showcase) We’ll continue to add content and functionality to this, so would love to know if you’d use it, and suggest what else you’d like to see! Cheers, Pulkit (Co-founder & CEO of Chameleon)
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Thrilled to see this on PH today -- thanks for hunting it, @hnshah 😻 It's been a blast working alongside @_pulkitagrawal, @mikemartin604 and @nort on this tool. I hope you all get a lot of inspiration from it when building your next onboarding flow or feature launch!
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We're working on our new user onboarding and product tour, so seeing a bunch of examples in one place (without having to sign up for 50 different tools and remember to screenshot onboarding) is invaluable. Thanks for putting this together!
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@graham_collins ha, yeah, that's exactly our job :-) Three key tips as you're working on it: - Focus on action (getting users to do stuff, rather than just see stuff) - Keep it short (almost so short it's painful)... break it up into many flows - Treat it like marketing (rather than training)
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really great stuff. so glad you put this together for the world to benefit from!
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@auren thank you Auren. Considering we live in this day and night, we have lots to share around best practices for in-product marketing. More to come :-D
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