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Might not exactly qualify as a "product", but the weekly newsletter they offer has some of the best PM articles, books, & resources I've found anywhere. Here's an archive of all the past weeks - http://us7.campaign-archive1.com....
@cpwt Wow thanks for the support! Let me know if you have any ideas or feedback for the newsletter or the handbook. :)
@bcheng42 Absolutely! I thought the handbook was an awesome read - great interviews; and I check out the links / book recommendations in the newsletter every week. Thanks for the resources!
Actually, the handbook is a product in my opinion - the newsletter is just a bonus :)
@will_lam We like to think of it as a product, too. Hopefully the newsletter is a nice bonus :)
Good stuff. Just signed up. I've been looking for a consistent flow of content, so I started http://productmanagers.co and I'll add this to it for sure and tell friends. nnI could see this applying to a few other roles as well.
@odower Sweet site with some great resources. Thanks for the support!
@odower Just added www.buildingdigitalproducts.com to your list, curious to get your feedback!
I signed up but didn't get the handbook...what gives?
@UXAndrew Hmm that's strange. Check your spam folder? There should be a confirmation email from mailchimp and then the next email should include the handbook.