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Product love lets you:

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WilliamMaker@wimgz · Compulsive maker
Hey Hunters! 😍 There are some products of which I'm a huge fan, e.g. DigitalOcean (my server host) and Revolut (fintech). So I'm talking about it and recommending it to my friends all the time! 🤔 Problem But what I realized is these 2 companies have referral programs, so if I refer a friend we both get a bonus (like free credits). All this time I could have been sending my friends gifts instead of just bugging them! 💪Solution I built Product Love so you can check if a product you love has a win-win referral program. This means that the person being referred should get a gift (like free credits, first order free, etc), so it's not just spam. Also usually the person sending the link gets credits available only in the app, so there is no incentive if you don't like the products. Imagine if I refer all my buddies to Digital Ocean but I don't really like the product, I will end up with infinite DO credits which are useless if I don't use it!! This way we make sure it's not just spam for the money. 🛠️ Startegy I built this product in 10 hours, live on Twitch during the #24hrstartup challenge. (You can read all the journey here on Twitter) I did this to make a MVP as fast as possible, so that you can start adding your favorite products right now. Of course there are some bugs and design fixes to make. But now I can start the grunt work of adding every product and SaaS on earth in the following weeks. Also I have more than a concept to show, so I can pitch customers 🤗 You can help me by adding all your favorite products and I will check for you if they have a refer-a-friend program!
Anne-Laure Le Cunff
Anne-Laure Le Cunff@anthilemoon · Entrepreneur
@wimgz Woohoo, massive congrats on building this in 10 hours! I like that you focused on products that we actually use and love. Excited to watch your progress!
WilliamMaker@wimgz · Compulsive maker
@anthilemoon thanks! This is just the start I will add more products in the next days!
Clo@c10v32c1u6 · UX Travelling Ethics Privacy | Freelance
Great job @wimgz 👏 and in only 10 hours... Wow!
WilliamMaker@wimgz · Compulsive maker
@c10v32c1u6 Thanks!
Suryo Surono
Suryo Surono@suryo_surono
Kayaknya baru progress
Raffi Muradyan
Raffi Muradyan@raffi_muradyan · B2B Marketing Manager
Yeva Shandar
Yeva Shandar@yeva_shandar · Make up Artist
Awesome. Like the idea
Harvey Stuart
Harvey Stuart@harvey_stuart · LA gadgeteer