Product Leadership: How Top Product Managers Launch Awesome Products and Build Successful Teams. Insights drawn from 100+ interviews with digital product leaders from around the world.

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I'm really excited to get my hands on a copy of this! #ProdMgmt book of the year, I reckon.
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@simplybastow Thanks Janna. Appreciate the support!
Thanks for checking out our new book! In today’s fast moving world good product management is quickly becoming critical to building and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage, and we were fascinated by the unique challenges that product leaders face. To write the book we interviewed 75+ of the world's top product managers - from startups to enterprises - to uncover and share their insights into how to launch great products and build successful product teams. As Ken Norton from GV says in his foreword “This book will be your guide to navigating product leadership, the one I never had. Within its pages you’ll hear a diversity of opinions from the industry’s most successful and respected product leaders, insights that will help you lead your team and deliver exceptional products.” Happy to answer any questions you may have!
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@bfgmartin Are you planning to make it be available on iBooks?
@junglepatrol I'll check with the publishers!
@junglepatrol looks like that's a definite yes - we're just not sure when... trying to find out!
@bfgmartin amazing work. Any chance to send a copy to Cuba?
This book looks fantastic, @bfgmartin! Regarding launching & building successful teams, what do you think PMs need to learn most about? Is there anything I can contribute to my PMs efforts to set up our product team for success as a designer?
@kunalslab Thanks Kunal! One of main things we outline in the book is that the most important skills to learn are soft skills - and ironically they are the hardest to learn. Great product management and especially product leadership is all about people - empathising with your customer and stakeholders, communicating a vision, and bringing together the team around that vision - all soft skills!
After reading it, immediately ordered copies for our Product team and execs. Already putting it to use. Absolute must-read for leaders in technology in software and hardware.
@rcolinkennedy amazing, thank you! Up for writing a review on Amazon too? 😀
Looking forward to reading it guys, well done! :+1: