Product Kitty

A Product Hunt browser built in React Native

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Hi everyone! I’m a Hacker in Residence at Hack Reactor and have been deep diving into React Native and built this app (which coincidentally is also my first iOS app) to learn more about the framework. This application is an example of what’s possible with React Native, and I heavily recommend looking into learning it — it’s extremely accessible for developers with mainly Javascript experience and is also great for companies that want to rapidly iterate and build for multiple platforms (I hear Android support for the framework is on its way). I’ve also open sourced this application’s repository on Github, feel free to check it out! I’d love to get the community's input on the usability of the app!
so this is like the open source alternative to the existing app? cool :D
@ambonium sort of! I only have read access to the API, so I can't go all-out crazy (and I think the animations on the official app are stellar). I'm interested in trying to integrate some sort of off-network commenting (like what Backseat Hunter does with Disqus), but don't currently have the time to invest in it.