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#2 Product of the DayMarch 18, 2014
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Hi guys, i build this extension a friday afternoon hack for myself. i kept it using since then and Ryan pushed me to publish it. Hope you like it. This extension shows the latest of product hunt as your default tab in google chrome: I know i am a bit biased but i love it. Feel free to hit me with questions or feature requests.
Seeing hunts based on producthunt is so meta...talking about them is meta-meta...then talking about talking about hunts based on producthunt is like when you have opposing mirrors and you stand in the middle and look in to the worm hole :-)
@andreasklinger would love if the upvote button linked to the PH page so I could actually upvote some of them.
This is perfect - thanks!
@andreasklinger - so rad! We've talked about exploring a more visual presentation of the leaderboard but haven't pursued it yet. You've done a great job w/ the design and responsiveness. What's your goal with the extension and what improvements do you have planned for it?