Product Hunter Upvote Grabber

Chrome extension for scraping upvoters on Product Hunt

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Grabber is a free chrome extension which allows you to grab up-voters of product listings on PH. What’s cool is it will stay 100% free, no freemium, no cost, no BS. Why would this be useful? examples: - Target ads of up-voters of similar products - Praise your up-voters by @mentioning them on twitter - Follow and unfollow - Customer research - Engage with them before the big launch
@erictwillis what it will actually be used for: spamming people. I don't like this / assume community will not like that there's a tool out there that does that
@nivo0o0 @erictwillis I've been critical of people who posted spammy tools here before (and, frankly, gotten shot down by PH staff for complaining about them ;) ), and honestly, I think in this case my gut reaction to the product was that the use cases were pretty well laid out and it didn't sound that abusive at all.
@nivo0o0 lots of good reasons to use a tool like this which don't involve spamming.
@nivo0o0 @bentossell - great assessment by @joostschuur. This is not private data and we are not condoning people do anything spammy with it 😇 Authenticity is taking the time to thank people.
To be honest I wouldnt recommend people using things like this Tweeting everyone who upvotes you isnt very authentic and I just don't see the actual benefit other than building lists that people may not want to be on. An upvote is an upvote, but if you want to sign up for an email newsletter or something then you should be able to choose to do so. An upvote shouldnt mean you are then open to communication automatically
@bentossell Hi Ben. As you know, we have already had similar problems with PH in the past so let me explain why we did this :) True, some people might use it for "spamming" people, however we have used this tool in the past internally to find interesting prospects and simply thank up-voters after being on Product Hunt. It was REALLY useful. It's a tool and as such can be used for good things or bad things. It's up to the individual person. You guys allow anyone to retrieve up-voters with your APIs (which I think is great). Therefore you are already giving this "power" in the hands of people. We wanted to make it easy for people to pull the list, which is ALL this tool does. What individuals do it's up to them.
@mnlfrgr unfortunately this reminds me of where you could get the emails of everyone in a Slack group. Yes those are essentially public too but lots of people complained. Not saying this is a tool built for the wrong reasons but unfortunately people do use it that way. Unless someone is signing up for future communication I feel that you should not be messaging them like this. Public profiles and emails does not mean that the user is asking for messages and think it's a difficult position to be in.
@bentossell @mnlfrgr LOL emails are a very different thing. Emails are by their nature private. I give it to someone I know. This is a publicly available handle (which PH uses, and publicly shows). There is no comparison mate.
@kieran_goodacre1 @mnlfrgr just because those handles are public doesn't mean that people who will ultimately use the tool to scrape them and send out hundreds of spammy tweets is ok. I see it every day and try to encourage people not to use this kind of tactic. Doesn't come across well when an account tweets the same thing to multiple handles. Obviously we are not going to agree on this. So lets leave it there.
@bentossell Thanks dude, I understand the good work you do.
Really very interesting! Good job!
Guys let's not be idealistic. There's plenty of legitimate reasons to use a tool like this. Not sure why people feel the need to moan about publicly available data. If you don't want to be contacted on twitter set your profile to 'private' and keep it like a Facebook profile. Rather than moaning about what's authentic and what isn't.