Product Hunt Universe

Explore the makers and products of Product Hunt, in space

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This is fascinating to visualize, and makes me think about ways we could expand on this idea. Great work, @kateserkina, and that video... so intense. 😮
@rrhoover oh, thank you! we are so happy you like it. we have spent weeks experimenting and making this project. tmrw @diserkin and I will be in SF. Any chance we can visit PH headquarter and meet all of you in person? It would be nice! We can discuss how we can expand on Universe idea :)
@kateserkina @rrhoover I have been working on an expansion of this idea at MIT for the last 8 months. Stay tuned! --
@kateserkina awesome job Kate
@kateserkina @rrhoover @mikebronfman wow. it is very impressive, Mike.
Go ahead and try to type in search box next phrases: :what does the fox say? :i love product hunt :what does Ryan think about this project? :what does Eric think about this project?
This is one of the most interesting visualizations I've seen. It's crazy to explore what has truly become a massive universe of products in this manner. @kateserkina - any way to start connecting makers/people on PH through their vote history/comments?
@jsneedles let me answer your question :) we have tried different datasets including comments and votes but due to nature of graph connections between products and makers organize most beautiful visualization (aka constellations). In all other cases we saw mess :)
@diserkin Thanks for the follow up! Very interesting :-)
@jsneedles no problem. you are welcome. i think we will try more data combinations. what i am really excited about is to see the Universe 5-10 years later. I think all data processing will take about several days :) Now it takes about 1 hour and we recalculate it every week. Will change to every day.
So awesome! Love the Interstellar music in the video! What did you use to make the visualization? (You should make a collection of products)
@thomasmeagher mostly nodejs + webgl. we reused many things from project.