Product Hunt TV by Neverthink

Watch the latest products on (unofficial) Product Hunt TV

Neverthink was born on Product Hunt, so we made this channel as a tribute.
We hope this helps other creators and great products get discovered!
Enjoy! <3
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7 Reviews5.0/5
I think is going to be big. Just ate away 10 minutes of my life without even noticing. Similar experience to tiktok
Amazing idea, installing now
Just came across this had never heard of Never Think TV looks an interesting project, are the featured videos free for commercial use? What do you have planned for the future of the platform?
@johndesk27 Hey JW, all the videos are featured using the YouTube embedded player, so not owned by us. Re the future, our mission is to introduce people to new videos that they would of never found otherwise and we are really proud that 1/3 videos featured on Neverthink is by a creators with less than a 100 YouTube subscribers. This is the biggest win, it helps new and small creators and creates a lot of value to users. So, our main focus now is on bringing more influencers/key people from the YouTube community to join us as curators and help find the most hidden gems and best up and coming creators.
@avivjunno do you take requests? : ) We have an upcoming product and have done a video for it. Congrats on this. Upvoted!
Been using for a solid 5 months, I crave the meme playlists. Good work guys!