Product Hunt Top 5 Telegram Bot

A daily recap of the πŸ† top 5 products, on Telegram

This bot sends a recap of yesterday's Product Hunt Top 5, once a day, on Telegram

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Hey Product Hunt ✌️ The other day I launched Product Hunt Top 5 Twitter Bot because I wanted a quick recap of the Product Hunt Top 5 on Twitter. 😿 But... When I showed my friends they told me: Ok, but I don't want it on Twitter. I'd prefer on Telegram. And a single message, not a thread. πŸƒ Solution: This sounded like a neat idea so in the same afternoon, I changed the bot to publish on Telegram too! What do you think of it? Do you find it useful?
Hey. how do I get the link? how can I join?
Great job @wimgz - Its nice and convenient. Works very well.
Great way to keep up to date!