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Shirts, stickers + more. Profits go to COVID-19 relief fund.

#3 Product of the DayMarch 20, 2020
Many of you have asked where to buy Product Hunt merch. Finally, we have a good answer for you. All profits go to World Health Organization's COVID-19 Response Fund. 😸
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We've been talking about launching a merch store for years. We whipped this together with help from Fourthwall and @sethbwilliams made it more kittenish. 😸 All profits go to World Health Organization's COVID-19 Response Fund. You can also add an additional donation to WHO during checkout.
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@sethbwilliams @rrhoover Really excited to help you guys bring this to life 💪
Is a kitten included to the purchase?
@alexanderisora you're actually onto something. If only we could add kittens to our inventory. Feature request, @walkeriwilliams
Great idea! @rrhoover and ?makers Tshirts and sweatshirts look beatiful, I am going to order one definetely. Also we should see this kind of offers from companies more because we are all in the same ship and should save the world all together. Startups that their solution might be helpful for the world in these COVID-19 days can offer their solutions free or discounted. They should also improve collaboration between each other which will be useful for the business as well. In MoovBuddy App we have added free home exercise series to help people feel physically and mentally better. Maybe a list of helpful solutions might be helpful for people who feel stressed and unhappy at home. Hope this situation ends soon and we save the world. 🙏
Love this! Could we get grey and/or black sweatshirts? It's the startup techie uniform after all… 🤷🏻‍♂️
@williamwright good point. I'll see if we can add more options in black. :)
@williamwright We added sweatshirts in black!
Hi Product Hunt! My name is Walker, and along with @dubbaumann and @eli_fourthwall we're here today representing, the new platform that Product Hunt used to launch their store. While the focus of the shop launch today should be 100% on great products for a great cause, I wanted to talk a little more about the platform behind it all in the Product Hunt spirit. WHAT WE DO: Fourthwall is a platform that makes it easy for people with communities/fans (like YouTubers, bloggers and podcasters) to launch beautiful, fully-customize stores where their fans can support them. You could think of us as providing the beauty and professional feel of Shopify with the ease-of-use and simplicity of Teespring, all with a specific focus on community (as an example, Ryan is using our app to send personal thank you videos to everyone who supports the store today!). WHY A NEW PLATFORM? We're huge believers in the content creators space and wanted to build something specifically for these folks, that both made is easy to create something professional and beautiful AND allowed them to interact with their biggest fans/supporters. I was previously the co-founder/CEO of Teespring, where I had the opportunity to meet and interact with a ton of amazing creators. What I found is that almost every content creator loved the simplicity and ease-of-use of the platform (and we helped people sell $1bn in products and cash out $500m while I led the company), but they really wanted that simplicity in combination with the ownership, down to the data, and flexibility that Shopify provided. In 2019 I left Teespring and joined up with @dubbaumann. We've been heads down for the last year building the platform and we're just starting to onboard creators now! I'll post some screenshots below of the creator experience so you all can see how it works. Huge thank you to @rrhoover for trying out the platform and giving us feedback, and doing it all for a great cause. If anyone has any questions about the platform or feedback on the customer experience please let me know!
Here's an example of what the personal thank you videos look like, courtesy of Initialized/Alexis Ohanian (who used our platform to launch People who support the Product Hunt shop will be getting a personal thank you from Ryan!
As a printer of custom items (but not shirts) I’d love to see more competition in this space. My business has been using DecoNetwork for years but it’s lack of integrations is so frustrating and outdated. Fourthwall sounds like it’d check some boxes for us.
@walkeriwilliams cool to see! Any chance you're offering an easy way for non-profits to get set up? I'm working with one here in Chicago (a theatre) that's looking for creative/additional revenue streams while their stage is closed.
@lindsayknight Happy to chat more about it. You can email us at or