Hi Product Hunters 👋

I’m Alex, creator of huntr.in

huntr.in is a lightweight embeddable built to encourage new PH reviews & act as an additional trust signal for your users.

It’s totally free, and crazy simple to install.

I’d be more than happy to respond to any feedback, questions or feature requests you may have (AMA).

Thank you ✌️

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8 Reviews5.0/5
Great execution, @alexwhin. 👏🏼 We've talked about building this but it hasn't been a priority. I'm eager to see how people use it.
Thanks @rrhoover, I'll get some usage data together after a few weeks and pop it over ✌️
Such a rad product and something I expected @ProductHunt to have already. Good luck with the launch!
@producthunt @ryanheybourn Thanks Ryan, appreciate it 😺

I think this reviews widget would make a fine addition to any start ups website. It increases trust and makes any company seem all the more professional.


Looks great



Awesome way to display reviews on your product!
@wimgz Thanks for your comment William 😊
Love this! Nice work @alexwhin, would love to know what the feedback's been so far from the makers who've implemented it?