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How many times a website was upvoted on PH (Chrome ext.)

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Hey guys, I'm one of the creators of Product Hunt Rank extension, hope you like it! :)
Nice work, @hvost :) We're actually working on a big update to the Product Hunt Chrome Extensions (small preview here). Are you planning any new additions/updates to the extension? P.S. added this to the collection of Chrome Extensions.
@rrhoover Hi, I'm the guy who programmed it. We just wanted a simple way to see how many times a web page was upvoted and a quick link to the discussion without the need to search PH. I think we got it. We have some other ideas – a Safari version, an ability to upvote and to read comments in an extension popup instead of opening a new tab, etc. But we are happy with what we have so far – we'll see how it goes. If anyone here has any ideas, we'd be happy to hear them. Thanks for adding us to the collection.
@rrhoover hey ryan, is there going to be a feature that will rank the highest upvoted products. For example if I wanted to filter all products that are ranked from 400-200 etc. I'll get a search result showing all products in that range.
You're missing a huge opp to name this PHRank.